Earn 500$ from blogger :- tools and sites

Earn 500$ from blogger :- tools and sites

1- Choose Your Blogger

First step you must choose what you will write in your blogger so that you must choose from this site 

in it, you will see a lot of blogs for anything you need




2- Start search about CPC keywords

You must search about your keywords about your blogs and choose the best sites with google trends





For search about good click you can use site for good search and start add keywords with high cost






4- After you get the articles 

After you get the articles you must make for it rewrite in this site





5- Now its traffic

Now after you get all this you must get traffic to  your blogger from this sites

1- 10khits

2- otohits

3- bighits4u

4- hitleap


The Script we use it

File for sitemap & Sites & Contact us form


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