Frequently Asked Questions

For many and many daily questions.
First, we ask the members of the site that any question that is asked and the answer is on our page or in any post that your question will not be answered.

1) I sent messages, but no reply?
There is time to respond to your messages from 11 am to 8 pm in Cairo time and any questions outside of working time will not be answered.
There are questions that cannot be answered in writing, such as: How does the site work? Etc ...on the website page when you go down below you will find how it works, you will find 22 videos explaining everything
Also this support is for Arbahy online website only. Any other question please download the Arbahy support application and contact them.

2) Why was my account banned?
1- Trying to open two accounts from the same computer.
2- Trying to open two accounts from the same internet network.
3- An attempt to register the same wallet in two different accounts.
4- Trying to register your referrals for two accounts with the same referral link.
5- Using vpn.
6- Using fake ip
The site is not responsible for any illegal actions that lead to banning your account
Please respect the laws in order to continue to provide our services to all.


3) I withdraw my money but I haven't received anything yet?
First, the withdrawal request is from 11 am to 8 pm CST, and the withdrawal period to reach your wallet is from 15 minutes to 4 hours.
Why ican't withdraw because your balance or MAIN is not enough you have to earn more money to be able to withdraw and everything is clear on the site when you press withdraw will determine how much you have and how much less is possible to withdraw in the method of payment that you have specified and how much the maximum you can withdraw.
It could be because you did not add your own wallet to the site you add in the settings.

4) What do I do with points?
The points are originally you earned them from the tasks when you do a task that gives you money + points means that you earn twice and you can transfer them to money.Every 100 points give you rubles

5) How do I convert Traffic or Traffic to Money?
You cannot convert it to money because it brings traffic if you have a website or blog, and you can also make keywords to make it appear in the search engine or work as a funder.

6) did the website accept paypal not actived?


7) I cannot withdraw from Paypal?

Some modifications are being made and will be available soon.

8) I want to transfer money to rubles or any of the currencies available on the site?

not available to transfer now and will be available soon.